Krista Bremer

About the Book

“One might think that A Tender Struggle is about how marrying a man of a different faith can turn a life around. But more accurately, it is a book about becoming more introspective — about how any successful and lasting marriage involves as much self-reckoning as compromise.”
Los Angeles Review of Books

“While the book’s initial draw and novelty are the challenges specific to Bremer’s match, what elevates it to a great read is the author’s ability to fully evoke her emotional and sensory memories… Bremer’s story isn’t so much about cultural clashes as it is about something deeper; it’s one woman’s attempt to really understand – and be understood by – the person she loves. And at the root of it, isn’t that what all of us hope for?”
–ELLE Magazine

“Against the popular and misleading backdrop of media buzz about “jihadist militants” wreaking terror in distant lands, Krista Bremer’s sometimes uneven but always passionate A Tender Struggle goes beyond naïve altruism and domestication of The Other to open up some thought-provoking questions about global human relationships.”
Book Reporter

“A moving, lyrical memoir about how an American essayist fell in love with a Libyan-born Muslim man and learned to embrace the life she made with him…A sweet and rewarding journey of a book.”
Kirkus Reviews 

“Bremer’s particular story strikingly highlights the (usually more mundane) cultural clashes and compromises inherent to every marriage or long-term relationship.”
Publishers Weekly

“Readers of memoir will welcome this love story about patience and kindness…”
Library Journal

A Tender Struggle is a story about love, marriage, compromise, parenthood and the difference between the life one imagined and reality. American readers will derive much needed insight into the daily reality of Muslim life in contrast to the violent tropes often seen in the media…. This is a memoir worth reading.”
Pittsburgh Post Gazette

“Punctuated with moving moments….  Krista Bremer has a very good story…”
New York Times Book Review

“Bremer’s book, A Tender Struggle, is a beautiful account of her jihad, or struggle, to find peace within herself and within her marriage. At bottom, it’s about a woman who decides to make her marriage work.”
Kansas City Star

“The smart set would wager on Enlightenment values as the overwhelming favorite in this cultural matchup. So there is something unsettling about watching the certitudes of contemporary America crumble into dust before the timeless truths of Islam.”
The News & Observer